Uncle Philbert: lead vocals, mandolin and other instruments that he hasn’t quite mastered (guitar, Dobro, Intellituner). Loves to hang out with bluegrass musicians and hopes one day to be mistaken for one.

Grahame (Gramps Turner.) 4 1/2 string banjo. Master Forger and motorbike stroker. He possesses an unpleasant singing voice and does not contribute to the band vocals by mutual consent.

Patty-Jo: Fiddle, bow, tenor vocals. Interests include travelling, meeting people and helping on well-publicised social care projects. Plays very interesting 1930’s Gibson violin that she doesn’t own.

The Outlaw Jon Hardy: Guitar, baritone vocal harmony (boring to sing and almost inaudible). A born-again amnesiac, he as been a devotee of bluegrass music for as long as he can remember. Always wears black which is very slimming.

Darren ‘The Big D’ Juniper. Double bass & bass vocals.6-foot, 5-inches tall, with a 5-foot, 6-inch beard, he pursues a parallel existence as a real musician, playing bass guitar with tribute bands (Irony Maiden, The Rolling Clones, Phony M, etc). Despite his ability to play the right chords and keep time, he has now turned his hand to playing in a bluegrass band.

Grinch Mountain